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About Waterborne Wood Stains

ASAC® Technology has enabled the achievement of the New Standard by which all waterborne stains will be judged. Colors now are of exceptional clarity and brilliance matching the best of oil-based stain technology. Available in numerous standard and custom color options and low in VOC’s, they offer the best option available to conform to the Program Requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Greenseal, and LEED.

The use of GreenLight Coatings® technology enables the use of waterborne stains with UV curable sealers and topcoats! This eliminates the challenges of achieving intercoat adhesion commonly seen with oil-based or conventional stains. Numerous colors and custom colors are available.

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Our custom-formulated finishes adapt to the variables listed below. We will work with you to develop a solution that matches your process, your product attributes and your desired finish characteristics.

PolyurethaneWaterborne-UVRoll CoatTintedSoftwoods
Epoxy100% UV CurableVacuum CoatGloss LevelExotic Woods
PolyesterFlow CoatScratch Resistance, Waterspot Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Anti Blocking, Fire RetardantMDF
Curtain CoatSelf Cross-linkingComposite
Manual ApplicationCompliance:
Our capabilities to engineer custom coating solutions for our clients extend beyond the variables listed above. Contact us to discuss your special requirements.

Get the results you are looking for with a Custom Finish Solution

  1. Stain up‐take will vary by wood species and moisture content. Maintain a constant storage environment for wood stock to help eliminate any finish quality variations.
  2. Apply stain to the desired color intensity. Multiple coats may be applied to develop darker shades.
  3. Small parts and pieces are easily stained by a dip process followed by wiping, whereas larger pieces are more easily sprayed with stain followed by wiping.
  4. Cracks and crevices are easily filled with stain during spray application, and when wiping the use of a sponge or cotton swab may be of help. These work great for difficult to reach areas.
  5. Bubbles that, at times, form on the surface may create spots or voids where stain does not color. Take care to avoid bubbling or foaming and if it occurs, voids are easily eliminated by wiping with a stain soaked cloth or sponge.
  6. Always wipe stains using a lint-free cloth in the grain direction only. Avoid wiping in circular or cross-grain directions.
  7. Color Variation: Should color variation occur, there are a few possible reasons.
    –  All GreenLight Coatings® waterborne wood stains should be mixed well before use to ensure uniform color.
    –  Examine the color of the wood substrate. Since wood is a natural product, it is common to see color variations that will influence the final stained appearance.
  8. When staining large areas, difficulty may be experienced due to the fast dry time of the stain. It is recommended to apply a heavier stain application to offset times where the stain dries too fast. This will help to permit uniform application of stain. The GreenLight Coatings® line of wood coatings also offers slow dry stains that have been designed for large surface applications.
  9. Application: The GreenLight Coatings® waterborne stains are applied by numerous techniques including dip, spray, wiping, roller, etc. Other applications may also be used.