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Performance Industrial Coatings by Van Technologies, Inc.
Specializing in Waterborne and UV Curable Technologies

About Waterborne UV Sealers/Topcoats

Our exclusive ASAC® Technology has enabled the development of high-performance Waterborne UV Curable Self‐Sealing Topcoats that provide exceptional finish appearance with excellent adhesion. The Waterborne UV Sealer/Topcoats offer excellent scratch resistance, they are non-water spotting and ideal for cabinet/casework and furniture grade applications.  These coatings are available in clear or pigmented options and allow for close to the grain finishing for a very natural appearance.  GreenLight Coatings® sealers offer the perfect balance of Performance and Environmental\ Sustainability to allow conformance to the program requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Green Seal, and LEED.

Tints and custom tinting available.

Our custom-formulated finishes adapt to the variables listed below. We will work with you to develop a solution that matches your process, your product attributes and your desired finish characteristics.

PolyurethaneWaterborne-UVRoll CoatTintedSoftwoods
Epoxy100% UV CurableVacuum CoatGloss LevelExotic Woods
PolyesterFlow CoatScratch Resistance, Waterspot Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Anti Blocking, Fire RetardantMDF
Curtain CoatSelf Cross-linkingComposite
Manual ApplicationCompliance:
Our capabilities to engineer custom coating solutions for our clients extend beyond the variables listed above. Contact us to discuss your special requirements.

Get the results you are looking for with a Custom Finish Solution

  1. It is recommended to apply the waterborne-UV self-sealing topcoat or topcoat (including paints) to a wet thickness between 3 mil to 6 mil (0.003” ‐ 0.006”). A wet film gauge or tooth gauge is highly recommended to achieve the target wet applied film thickness.
  2. Be mindful of the fact that GreenLight Coatings® coatings may actually remove residues of other types of coatings from the fluid lines of finishing equipment. During start‐up, it may be possible to observe “chunks”, “slugs”, and other particulate deposits on the surface after drying.
  3. It is recommended to use 220 grit media to sand and prepare the sealed or primed surface for optimum topcoat application. One topcoat or application is often sufficient for quality results. Two coats or applications will result in exceptional surface finish quality.
  4. Ambient air or elevated forced air oven drying processes are supported by the GreenLight Coatings® products.
  5. UV cure of pigmented coatings is best facilitated by a combination of gallium doped mercury vapor and standard mercury vapor lamps to promote through cure and surface cure of the high pigment content of these types of UV curable coatings. Clear UV curable coatings can be best performed using only standard mercury vapor lamps.