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Performance Industrial Coatings by Van Technologies, Inc.
Specializing in Waterborne and UV Curable Technologies

About UV Stains

Designed using our exclusive ASAC® Technology, GreenLight Coatings® UV curable stains have exceptional clarity, superb workability, and are offered in a variety of colors.  Custom color-matching is also available.  Having zero VOC’s and HAP’s, this GreenLight Coatings® UV curable stains offer the perfect balance of Performance and Environmental Sustainability to allow conformance to the program requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Green Seal, and LEED.

Our custom-formulated finishes adapt to the variables listed below. We will work with you to develop a solution that matches your process, your product attributes and your desired finish characteristics.

PolyurethaneWaterborne-UVRoll CoatTintedSoftwoods
Epoxy100% UV CurableVacuum CoatGloss LevelExotic Woods
PolyesterFlow CoatScratch Resistance, Waterspot Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Anti Blocking, Fire RetardantMDF
Curtain CoatSelf Cross-linkingComposite
Manual ApplicationCompliance:
Our capabilities to engineer custom coating solutions for our clients extend beyond the variables listed above. Contact us to discuss your special requirements.

Get the results you are looking for with a Custom Finish Solution

  1. Stain up‐take will vary by wood species and moisture content. Maintain a constant storage environment for wood stock to help eliminate any finish quality variations.
  2. Apply stain to the desired color intensity. Multiple coats may be applied to develop darker shades.
  3. UV cure is best facilitated by a combination of gallium doped mercury vapor and standard mercury vapor lamps to promote through cure and surface cure of the colorant content of the UV curable stain.
  4. Always wipe stains in the grain direction.
    • For automated application: 3 wiping brush rolls having synthetic bristles of 2” length work well. The first roll should rotate against the direction, the second in the direction, and the third against the direction of the conveyed part.
    • For manual application: Take full attention to avoid skin contact with the GreenLight Coatings® UV curable stain by wearing proper protective clothing and equipment including long sleeves, gloves, and safety glasses.
  5.  Color Variation: Should color variation occur, there are a few possible reasons.
    • All GreenLight Coatings® wood stains should be mixed well before use to ensure uniform color.
    • Examine the color of the wood substrate. Since wood is a natural product, it is common to see color variations that will influence the final stained appearance.
  6. When curing stained wood species that exhibit deep grain areas, some uncured stain may be squeezed to the surface and form small droplets. Simply re-wipe all areas and pass through the UV cure section once more to fully cure all areas. Fully cured stain will not show color transfer to a clean white cloth upon wiping.