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Performance Industrial Coatings by Van Technologies, Inc.
Specializing in Waterborne and UV Curable Technologies

About UV Fillers

Our exclusive ASAC® Technology has enabled the development of Quality Wood Fillers that apply easily, cure rapidly, and sand well to permit smooth, uniform coverage of applied sealers and topcoats with excellent adhesion. The fillers are 100% active (solid) and can be applied to effectively fill holes or voids 1/16” or slightly greater in-depth.  Multiple applications can be performed for deeper depression filling.

Our custom-formulated finishes adapt to the variables listed below. We will work with you to develop a solution that matches your process, your product attributes and your desired finish characteristics.

PolyurethaneWaterborne-UVRoll CoatTintedSoftwoods
Epoxy100% UV CurableVacuum CoatEasy to SandExotic Woods
PolyesterFlow CoatBonds to TopcoatsMDF
Curtain CoatCompliance:
Manual Application
Our capabilities to engineer custom coating solutions for our clients extend beyond the variables listed above. Contact us to discuss your special requirements.

Get the results you are looking for with a Custom Finish Solution

  1. Prepare the surface using 150 grit media, working to scuff the full depth of the depression to be filled as best as possible.
  2. The GreenLight Coatings® UV curable filler can be applied by a number of methods to achieve a smooth surface fill:
    • Automated roll coater with reverse roll surface doctor
    • Manual methods
    • Wipe
    • Putty knife, squeegee, or scraper
  3. UV cure can be achieved by delivering the appropriate UV energy density or dose for the GreenLight Coatings® filler being used. Should multiple applications be desired to fill very deep holes or depressions, it is recommended to cure each layer using a gallium doped mercury vapor lamp to permit a slightly undercured surface between applied layers. The last application layer should be fully cured, however, using a standard type “H” lamp.
  4. The filled hole or depression should then be sanded using 180 – 220 grit media prior to application of the appropriate GreenLight Coatings® UV sealer.