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UV Coatings


UV Coatings

Looking for a UV Coating? 

We at Van Technologies manufacture and sell a wide variety of UV coatings but it may be helpful to know what we consider a UV coating to be.

There are a number of times when someone calls to ask about UV coatings to protect a surface from UV light.  After all, UV light energy contributes to the degradation of the exposed, unprotected surface finish and the underlying substrate.  We consider UV protection a function of our Exterior Coatings and not a function of our UV coatings.

For us, the term, “UV Coating“ means a coating that is effectively cured upon exposure to UV light to result in a surface layer that can be placed into service immediately.  On a side note, we also have UV curable coatings for exterior use and protection.  We just want to make sure we are able to discuss the specific application you have in mind when talking about UV Coatings!



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