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Plastic & Composite Coatings


About Plastic & Composite Coatings
The GreenLight Coatings™ plastic and composite coatings produced by Van Technologies support a wide variety of surfaces including an array of plastic types but also carbon and fiberglass composites.  They all allow for maximum adhesion of applied topcoats.  Whether it is a polyurethane, epoxy, polyester or acrylic acylate composition or a waterborne acrylic or polyurethane composition, there are options that are easily applied and cured under ambient conditions or by UV or thermal cure processing.  Exceptional flow and leveling are hallmarks of the products to provide surface finish free of defects and pinholes that can create difficulties in final finish appearance.  

We offer a wide range of plastic and composite coatings, please call us today at 888.826.9484 for more information on specific products or custom plastic or composite coating solutions.


Plastic & Composite Coatings Application Tech Tips


Due to the multitude of possible applications among the variety of GreenLight Coatings™ available, it is recommended to contact Van Technologies to discuss your specific requirements.

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