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Eco-Friendly Green Coating Material Suppliers In The USA

One of our founding principles when we started in 1991, was to offer environmentally responsible green coating solutions to our customers.  We have an obligation of stewardship to our environment. We recognize the impact industrial coatings can have on the environment.  We are committed to developing and providing products that minimized or eliminate the negative impact on our work environment and on our natural resources.

Compromise is not part of the process when converting to environmentally responsible coatings.  With GreenLight Coatings®, the beauty and performance of the finish excels as does the application. Formulations can be designed to replace non-compliant types without compromising performance.  Our staff expertise is in the technology of environmentally compliant coatings, including that of high solids, water-based and radiation-cured systems. Using well-equipped facilities and creative approaches to technology, Van Technologies, Inc. has been highly successful in satisfying many coating developments and production requirements.

View our Video on “Making the Switch” to Waterborne Coatings

At Van Technologies, Inc., using the latest in technical advancements, we have developed a complete line of Environmentally Compliant Finishes. Our line of primers, stains, sealers and topcoats, perform better than any coating system on the market today! These coatings are so advanced that they also meet or exceed quality currently found when using conventional solvent finishes!


Our unique line of environmentally compliant coatings offers extremely low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) and hazardous air pollutant (H.A.P.) content. The coating system designed and manufactured by Van Technologies, Inc. provides the finisher the means to exceed the highest projected EPA demands of the future. This successful achievement allows you to have the confidence of meeting today’s regulations while knowing that any future compliance will also be met!  The Van Technologies line of coatings will result in operations that are healthier for the employees and the environment and offer the best option available to conform to the Program Requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Greenseal, and LEED.

Benefits of Environmentally Compliant Coatings

* Reportedly the best quality coatings on the market
* Quality that meets or exceeds that of solvent finishes
* Advanced technical support and service enabling transition from traditional to compliant finishing systems
* A customized product to fit specific product and process requirements
* The latest in technology
* Total systems approach to coatings (primers, stains, sealers, topcoats)
* Reduced drying time
* Efficient and simple application
* Excellent transfer efficiency
* Perfect color match capabilities
* Matte to high gloss capabilities

Cost Savings

* Lower insurance premiums and less claims
* Fewer workers compensation claims
* No handling of volatile materials
* No disposal of hazardous waste
* Reduced labor due to fewer coats needed with our products
* Emissions equipment cost reduced




* Reduced odor
* No hazardous material waste
* Low VOC and HAP content
* Better employee health and safety
* No air contaminants
* Non flammable coatings compositions


Hidden Benefits

* Healthier plant and process
* Improved employee moral
* Greater efficiency
* Easier clean-up (soap and water)
* Reduced shipping and handling costs
* Fewer surprises upon inspection by OSHA


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