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Performance Industrial Coatings by Van Technologies, Inc.
Specializing in Waterborne and UV Curable Technologies

Our exclusive ASAC® Technology has enabled the development of high-performance Coatings for a variety of Plastic, Carbon Composite, and Fiberglass Surfaces that provide exceptional finish appearance with excellent adhesion. These coatings are available in clear or pigmented options and allow for many other performance criteria including abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, durability, and flexibility. GreenLight Coatings® sealers offer the perfect balance of Performance and Environmental Sustainability to allow conformance to the program requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Greenseal, and LEED.


  •  Reportedly the best quality coatings on the market
  •  Quality meeting or exceeding that of solvent finishes
  •  Advanced technical support & service enabling the transition away from conventional finishing
  •  Customized products to fit specific requirements via ASAC® Technology
  •  Efficient and simple application with excellent transfer efficiency
  •  Perfect stain or paint color match capabilities
  •  Low gloss/high gloss capabilities
  •  Lower insurance premiums and less claims
  •  Fewer workers compensation claims
  •  Reduced emissions and costs for disposal of hazardous waste
  •  Reduced labor due to fewer coats needed with our products
  •  Minimal Safety Issues
  •  Reduced odor
  •  Significantly reduced hazardous material waste
  •  Low to zero VOC and HAP content
  •  Better employee health and safety
  •  Non-flammable coatings compositions
  •  Healthier plant and process
  •  Improved employee moral
  •  Greater process efficiency
  •  Easier clean-up (often just soap and water)
  •  Reduced shipping and handling costs
  •  Fewer surprises upon inspection by OSHA
  •  Easy to Use and reduced Hazardous Waste

The GreenLight Coatings® plastic and composite coatings support a wide variety of surfaces including an array of plastic types but also carbon and fiberglass composites.