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Getting it Right

What would you say to paying 30% more for your waterborne primer and topcoat?  Most purchasing agents and COO’s would look the other way and continue on their current path.  What if paying 30% more would result in a 20% operational cost reduction?  You’d have to look twice at that proposition and likely with great […]

UV Coatings

Looking for a UV Coating?  We at Van Technologies manufacture and sell a wide variety of UV coatings but it may be helpful to know what we consider a UV coating to be. There are a number of times when someone calls to ask about UV coatings to protect a surface from UV light.  After […]

What’s a Coating?

We’re going to let our company founder and President/CEO, Larry Van Iseghem, address this one: What’s a coating? As I guide my technical team, I begin by introducing the concept of “coating” as both a verb and a noun. As a verb, “Coating” is the “action of displacement of one material upon a surface by […]