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Van Technologies operates within a complex that was formerly an US Air Force Missile Base.  There are two essential buildings one of which houses the manufacturing operations and the other, office and laboratory facilities.

The manufacturing operations have the capability of producing quantities as small as 1 pint and as large as 1000 gallons per batch.  With a staff of chemists and technicians, the laboratory is well equipped to support product development and existing product improvement projects (we always look for opportunities to better our products).   The laboratory includes a wide variety of equipment for materials analysis, quality control, coating application, mixing, blending, dispersion, and for a wide range of physical property testing.

Current operations support customers of various sizes and products are made to order with packaging sizes that typically are in gallon, 5-gallon, drum, and tote units.  Logistics, , are facilitated by regional, national, and international common carriers and cartage companies.