Need to Finish Your Exterior Surface? We’ve Got a Coating For That!

Spring is finally here – even up here in chilly Duluth, MN – which means people are investing time and money into refinishing their homes and decks. 

As anyone with a log home or deck knows, consistent maintenance is critical to preserving the look and durability of your wood surface. And as many homeowners have found out the hard way, subpar coatings quickly show their lack of worth. 

The solution is quality over quantity. 

In other words, you need a coating that provides a high quality, long-lasting finish and doesn’t need to be applied as frequently as the cheap finishes on the market. 

We’ve engineered products that stand up to even the most grueling exterior environments, which includes the long, cold Minnesota winters and our hot, humid summers. A finish with high integrity is able to block harmful UV light, and even reflect Infrared light – both direct and indirect. Finally, a good finish prevents the wood from rotting and developing mold and mildew. 

Not only have we engineered a coating that stands up to these rays, but our coatings are also green and much less harmful to the environment than many of the coatings options you’ll see on store shelves. 

Usability is also important! Our coatings apply quickly and smoothly, allowing you to apply multiple coats in less time. Clean-up is simple as you can just use water. 

Greenlight Coatings Rustic System

Our Rustic System is a semi-transparent system that has been popular with log and rustic siding applications. The flexible nature of the coating allows it to expand and contract with the wood and to maintain its integrity and rich appearance to give you the performance you need.   

Before you get started on your summer exterior wood project, give us a call to secure the safest and highest quality exterior coating: (888) 826-9484.

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