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About GL-6400 Exterior Rustic System Basecoat

GL-6400 is a waterborne exterior acrylic basecoat or sealer that is ultra low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and contains zero hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s).  The chemistry of the GL-6400 is based on exterior grade acrylic polymers and the use of UV absorbers to ensure color fastness.  This basecoat is intended to serve as the underlying layer for both the semi-transparent and opaque pigmented GL-6800 topcoats.  Lastly, it also contains a fungicide/mildewcide to protect and preserve the quality of the wood being treated.


Exterior Wood Basecoat - Wood Coating - Green Light Coatings Application Tech Tips


The GL-6400 basecoat is supplied “ready to use”.  In the event reduction is desired, the use of water is recommended.  It is strongly suggested to contact Van Technologies for information concerning any corrective, and/or modifying actions. The GL-6400 basecoat can be applied by spray, brush, vacuum or flow coating methods, although other methods may be appropriate. It minimizes grain raise effect and the applied basecoat will dry within 30 to 45 minutes under normal temperature and humidity.

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